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HDS Tender ® is a request for tender in conjunction with sales forecasts

HDS Tender® permits invitations to tender on the basis of current production to be augmented by sales forecasts. HDS Tender® generates consignment data based on current consignments and takes account of sales forecasts. This permits the user to make highly-detailed market enquiries based on realistic future quantities.

HDS Tender® also automatically determines the most advantageous tariff type Based on current or adjusted dispatch quantities, and puts together a complete tender with precise quotation specifications for the forwarder.

A summary of the features

  • Automated creation of complex tenders
  • Creation of quota matrices based on existing requirements and quantities
  • Integration of marketing forecasts at individual consignment level
  • Selection of forwarders from the forwarders’ database in HDS Contract®
  • Automated communication with the tender participants and administration of the individual tenders in segments
  • Simulation calculation of the tender with the current conditions or with all conditions within HDS Contract®
  • Graphic assessment of the results, presentation in report form using HDS Control®
  • Display of the precise status of the tender
  • Possibility of online input of tariffs for forwarders

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